Art Show and Wine Tasting Event- Three Generations

Come Join Us For Wine Tasting and Art Event at Cedar Valley Spirits Gallery, Friday August 3rd form 5pm to 8pm!

Art Show



Irwin Whitaker (1919 – 2009)

Eve Whitaker (1952 –       )

Neil Howe (1978 –     )

Irwin Whitaker was born in Wirt, Oklahoma, in 1919 where his father owned a successful oil and gas business. When the business caught fire and burned to the ground, the family moved to California where his father managed various food canneries during the 1930s and 40s, moving to the Monterrey Peninsula where the whole family worked for the fish canneries. Irwin was already a student of art in high school and as a teenager attended the parties of Ed Ricketts and John Steinbeck of Cannery Row and Grapes of Wrath fame. When World War II broke out, Irwin enlisted in the army air force and was stationed on Saipan as photographer and cartographer. After the war, he began his Master of Fine Arts studies at Claremont College, California and teaching for a year at University of Oregon before accepting an Assistant Professor position on the faculty of MichiganStateUniversity in East Lansing teaching ceramics and drawing. He retired Professor Emeritus after 25 years of teaching to Arizona where he continued to work on his enamels and drawings until he lost his eyesight in the late 1980’s.

While in Michigan, his daughter Eve was born. She grew up in the ceramics room, absorbing what it was like to be an artist surrounded by the artists. She too went on to study art, first at Michigan State University, then Western Michigan University, graduating eventually with a BFA from MSU, and went on to study drawing and printmaking at Indiana University. During a ten year break in studies, she had two sons Gabe and Neil Howe.

Neil grew up on a dairy farm in Central Michigan. His mother did little artwork during those years so Neil’s exposure to art came from his grandfather who still lived near by. Later, Neil moved to Haslett, a suburb of Lansing with his father who had an interest in pottery-making. Neil also spent his summers near Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he also took classes at the Kalamazoo Institute of Art.

Neil, his brother, Eve, and her second husband, Mathew, moved to Chicago where Mathew took an faculty position with the University of Chicago. Neil attended both Middle School and High School at the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools. After graduation, he enrolled at University of Iowa to study writing, later switching to art. Neil transferred to finish his Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Eve and Neil moved to Dripping Springs, Texas with Mathew in 2003. Irwin “Gus” Whitaker came to live with them a short while later for the final three years of his life. Irwin died in 2009.

All three artists have lived in close proximity and have been influenced by each other’s sense of art. Threads of similarity begin to appear when looking in totality at these three generations of work. Images of tightly clustered groups of characters, often theatrical in nature, appear as well and a propensity for bright and bold colors. Each person has worked in various media disciplines, and have taken many chances when choosing subject matter however they always retain a healthy respect for what has come before. This collection contains pieces from all three artists, spanning nearly fifty years.


Wine tasting

FRIDAY August 3rd




MASSAYA “ROSE” 2011, 40% Cinsault, 30% Syrah, 30% Cabernet Sauvignon; Lebanon


Dr. PAULY-BERGWEILDER “SPATLESE” 2008, Riesling; Germany


TELTECA 2009, Malbec; Argentina

PRINCIPE DI CORLEONE 2010, Nero d’Avola; Italy

WORTH “SOPHIA’S CUVEE” 2007, Cabernet Sauvignon; California

Bunny Oliver Showing Tonight @ CVSpirits Gallery!

Join us from 5pm to 8pm @ Cedar Valley Spirits Gallery for a July Showcase of Bunny Oliver’s Work!


Bunny Oliver


Painting professionally is a dream come true for Bunny Oliver.  Having worked in several fields, she began painting seriously in the late 1980’s.  Combining two of her loves—painting and traveling—she and her husband drive across the country and travel abroad in search of subjects for her vivid, impressionistic oil paintings.

Having studied with leading impressionists in the country, Oliver is represented by galleries in Colorado, Pennsylvania, and her home state of Texas.  She has exhibited in leading shows in the United States, and her work has been selected for the prestigious Salon International in San Antonio.

In 2003, three of Oliver’s paintings were exhibited in Biennale Internationale dell’Arte Contemporanea in Florence Italy.  Eighty countries were represented in the collaboration between the Italian Department of Foreign Ministry, World Bank, and the United Nations.

A native Texan and resident of the Hill Country, Oliver exhibited her work in Washington during the inauguration of President George W. Bush, a career highlight.

Oliver states, “One of the joys associated with my artwork has been my establishing a scholarship program for young people of Honduras.  Using “my dream” to help them realize their dreams is so rewarding, and also humbling.”

“In these turbulent times, my hope is that my paintings will help viewers focus on the beauty and harmony God intends for us—to give a message of hope,” Oliver states.

Jennifer Kuykendall Show Is a Hit!


Jennifer Kuykendall Show Opening @ Cedar Valley Spirits Gallery Tonight 5pm to 8pm

“This experience was peaceful and joy filled. I sat in various places in these pods and watched the amazing happen. Every time the sun either went behind a cloud, or moved every so slightly, the pod would change it’s hue and have a completely different look to it. Even after not having changed my space. A place a peace. It was stunning to see how the light refracted off every corner every angle and how the color variations were so different from the moment before. Every time I thought I’d get up to move to a different area I found myself sitting back down to capture yet another amazing light spectacle. The Architects of Air was an exhibit in Austin and I went twice, once with my family and once with with my camera. I was just awe struck and amazed at what was being viewed through my view finder. I hope you enjoy the photos of light experience yourself. Think convex and concave when experiencing my Photos of Light.” – Jen Kuykendall

Jennifer Kuykendall will be in attendance at Cedar valley Spirits Gallery tonight from 5pm to 8pm. Wine Tasting is free. Her work with light is captivating and entrancing. Colorful abstraction of sensual form in neon and brilliant hues of saturated wonderment. These pieces arouse curiosity as to their sourcing as they are primarily of natural phenomena. Her sensibility to composition is highly refined elicit immediate attraction. She also has two photographs, one of a beached man-o-war and the USS Texas in port. Both of which show her aptitude for photographic prowess and are interestingly adjacent in meaning and style. Jennifer’s work is worth spending time with while enjoying a glass of wine. Come join us and welcome her work for the month of April! Should you be interested in buying, bring your checkbook. All pieces are very reasonably priced and are available to be taken home immediately. We’ll see you tonight!

Cynthia Couch Rodriguez Art Opening & Free Wine Tasting Friday, March 2nd!

Wine Tasting Will Be From 5pm to 8pm. The Artist Will Be In Attendance.

Cynthia’s newest work explores the garden as it winds it’s way through her visual mind-space. She is adept with complex spacial relations of twigs and branches as they weave mazes out of volume. Patterning influences of fabrics and Asian screen printing are evidence of a referenced history and life experience in art appreciation. Color and geometric abstraction are touched upon in these works as well adding to the ambitious incorporation of stylistic approaches utilized.  These works reaffirm her return to painting as something that will bring us glimpses of her wonderfully intimate world and hopefully shine light into the gardens we all hold closely tended within our deeply personal and creative selves.


I grew up in western Oklahoma, in a small farming community.
I received my BFA degrees from the University of Oklahoma, Norman, in Printmaking/Drawing and Photography 1983
I received my MFA at Indiana University, Bloomington, in Printmaking/Drawing 1987
I received Art Education licensure from the Univ of New Mexico, Albuquerque, 1998 and currently teach art in the Round Rock ISD

Wine Tasting Leaves Such Amusing Relics

20120210-223719.jpgThis was left at wine tasting among the bottles. Awesome!

Eve Whitaker Show Opening This Friday Night! Free Wine Tasting and Art!

Eve Whitaker will be in attendance Friday night from 5pm to 8pm at wine tasting. Come by and say hi!

Eve’ Education includes:

1984-1987 MFA Printmaking, Indiana University – Bloomington
1981-1984 BFA Michigan State University
1972-1973 Western Michigan University

Read Here Resume Here

Here work will be for sale!


Neil S. Howe’s Show in Full Swing Tonight 5pm to 8pm!

The show is on!

The 100 Point Scale. All but useless.

I agree with this article wholeheartedly. I see no reason why a wine could or should be reduced to a linear scale. Three or four scales yes but not just one. Say a collection of tannin, fruit, mouthfeel, body, and sweetness together in one rating would be great. Then perhaps a rating in addition with its relative quality based on price given its adherence to the categories listed. That would be useful. There are simply too many factors trying to be crammed into one rating as it is. Namely the convergence of type of wine and its quality as that without specifying the type in the rating itself. Therefore containing  no useful point of reference for the novice. This article does a better job of describing the faults of the systems in place today. I would argue that a multi-pronged rating system could be more useful for the majority of wine buyers.


The Fabulous Art of Neil S. Howe Is Showing At CVSG Friday!

Come one and all to see the figure drawing studies and a painting by Neil S. Howe this Friday from 5pm to 8pm. Neil graduated with a BFA from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago in 2003 and started the Cedar Valley Spirits Gallery  in 2011. He has been living near Dripping Springs since 2003.  Cedar Valley Spirits Gallery will be showcasing figure drawings and a large scene painting with figures and car. This constitutes just a small selection of Neil’s ongoing work in pursuit of the human form. All drawings and paintings will be for sale, framed. Come for the art and stay for the wine or come for the wine and stay for the art! Hope to see you there.